Vladimir Dragic

Director, BMC Software

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December 1st - 1:50pm

AI for IT Operations Management (AI Ops)

Vladimir Dragic





Vladimir is Director with BMC Software, a leading enabler of the Autonomous Digital Enterprise. Prior to joining BMC, Vladimir was Managing Director of the Financial Services Business Unit of ALTRAN (now part of CapGemini). Today, he leads digital transformation initiatives with BMC’s largest clients in EMEA, driving significant productivity gains, improvements in service quality and increases in business agility.
Vladimir has been working on data analytics for over 20 years, covering business intelligence and CRM automation. Over the past 4 years, his work has focused on building and deploying next generation AI Ops solutions, using artificial intelligence to capitalize on the vast quantities of M2M data generated by heterogeneous, distributed systems, in order to automate incident detection, root-cause analysis and predictive maintenance.