Luis Vaquero

Director of Data, GOCO Group

December 1st - 11:25am

Keynote: How to Age Nicely in Data

Luis Vaquero




Luis is the Director of Data at GoCo Group, the owners of Before that he was head of Data Science at Dyson, and a senior technical manager at HPE and HP Labs working in large data systems. Luis has led large teams distributed across geographies (Singapore, US, South America, EU/UK) and enjoys coding.

Luis is also a part-time Reader in the CS Department at the University of Bristol where he is exploring deep learning for search applications, NLP, BSTS for marketing, etc. In his spare time, Luis loves to play with his home-made CRISPR editing lab with his kids, reading about medicine (especially about starvation metabolism and the brain), sociology and psychology. He dreams of electrical sheep and is still in his twenties in a hexadecimal number base.


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