Francisco Webber

Co-founder and CEO, CORTICAL.IO

December 1st - 2:30pm

Live Session: High Efficiency AI

Francisco Webber

Co-founder and CEO 



Francisco Webber is co-founder and CEO of, a company that develops natural language understanding solutions for analyzing the big text data of large enterprises. The solutions are based on the actual meaning, rather than on statistical occurrences, of text.


Francisco’s interest in information technology developed during his medical studies, when he was involved in medical data processing. Over two decades he explored search engine technologies and documentation systems in different contexts but became increasingly frustrated with the limitations of statistical methods. 


In 2005 he founded Matrixware Information Services, which developed the first standardized patent database. In 2007 he set up the Information Retrieval Facility, a non-profit research institute that bridged the gap between academia and industry in the field of information retrieval.


Francisco recognized that the brain was the only high-performing system when it came to natural language understanding. While closely following developments in neuroscience, he formulated his theory of Semantic Folding, which models how the brain processes language data. In 2011, he co-founded to apply the principles of cerebral processing to machine learning and text processing and solve real-world use cases related to big data.